Topic: Endoscopy

7 december | 10:00

Measures for detection of Early Gastric Cancer (EGC) with the help of endoscopy and improving diagnostic ability

While screening with endoscopy is useful for detecting EGC, this diagnosis requires a lot of experience and knowledge and it is by no means easy. In this lecture, we will discuss tips for diagnosis and measures for improving diagnostic ability.

Tomohiko Moriyama

Dr. Tomohiko Moriyama is a gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopist, and also a vice director of International Medical Department and Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC), Kyushu University Hospital. Japan is one of the advanced countries in GI endoscopy field. Therefore, many foregin doctors come to Japan to watch and learn advanced endoscopy every year. For about 20 years, Dr. Moriyama has been keen on endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of early GI cancer and has taught endoscopy and gastroenterology to more than 100 Japanese residents and 200 foreign trainees. Since 2016, he has involved telemedicine project, which has widely spread in various Asia-Pacific regions and been expanding globally. Through telemedicine, medical knowleges and experiences can be shared among participants. He is now the secretariat of Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Medical Working Group which promotes to provide better healthcare and medical education by telemedicine.


1990-1996 Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University (Awarded the degree of MD)

1996-1997 Resident at Kyushu University Hospital

1997-1998 Resident at Saiseikai Yahata Hospital

1998-2001 Fellow at Matsuyama Red Cross Hospital

2001-2003 Researcher at Kyushu University (Awarded the degree of PhD)

2003-2005 Staff at Kyushu University Hospital

2005-2007 Staff at Kimura Hospital

2007-2018 Assistant professor, Department of Medicine and Clinical Science, Kyushu University

2017- Vice director of Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC), Kyushu University Hospital

2018- Associate professor, International Medical Department, Kyushu University Hospital