Topic: Gynecology

8 december | 11:30

Cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccine in Japan

The rate of cervical cancer screening and the HPV vaccination is low in Japan. I suppose this is a special case, seen from a global perspective, but I would like to talk about the current status of HPV vaccination and efforts to improve the vaccination rate.

Ichiro Onoyama

Dr. Ichiro Onoyama is a Japanese gynecologist. After graduation of Kyushu University Medical School, he studied about tumor-suppressive ubiquitin ligases as a graduate student of Kyushu University, and epigenomics as postdoctral fellow in University of Massachusetts. He is now working as a gynecologic oncologist in Kyushu University Hospital.


1993-1998 Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University (Awarded the degree of MD)

1999-2000 Resident at Hamanomachi Hospital

2000-2001 Resident at Kyushu University Hospital

2001-2002 Resident at Fukuoka Saiseikai Hospital

2002-2007 Graduate student in Kyushu University (Awarded the degree of PhD)

2007-2011 Staff at Kyushu University Hospital

2011-2015 Postdoc in University of Massachusetts

2015-2020 Staff at Kyushu University Hospital